Who We Are

Vexor Technology was founded in Medina, Ohio in 1999 and began operations as a non-hazardous waste treatment facility. At the time the company was founded, there was a big concern about brownfields and potential long-term liability for improper disposal of materials. Vexor’s objective was to provide non-hazardous waste disposal services so that all customers knew where their waste went and how it was being disposed of to minimize long-term liability.

Vexor understood that certain industrial materials like carbon black, inks, sludges and oily absorbents had a high-BTU value and a potential for being a fuel supplement. Vexor’s first venture into engineered fuel began in early 2006 in Dorchester, South Carolina, where the company produced engineered fuel for Holcim Cement’s Holly Hill facility. That operation was a tremendous success and Holcim Cement bought the operation in late 2007. Vexor continued producing engineered fuel at its Medina, OH location.

Today, Vexor offers sustainable solutions for low value, difficult to recycle commodities such as plastics, paper, cardboard and synthetic fiber material. These materials are blended with non-hazardous, high BTU industrial wastes to produce a high quality, engineered fuel which can be used as a clean burning alternative to coal.

Vexor Engineered Fuel, located in Gary, Indiana, is a joint venture between Vexor Technology and Carmeuse Lime & Stone.