Vexor Engineered Fuel®

End of life solutions for difficult to recycle commodities.
Innovative, alternative energy, professionally made for your business.
Fuel for a Circular Economy.

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We divert large quantities of waste from landfills providing an alternative fuel source.

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Our Mission

To develop economically viable recycling and treatment solutions to create a better environment for future generations.  By providing world class customer service and a rewarding workplace to our associates, we generate value for our shareholders and assist our customers with their environmental and sustainability goals.

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Vexor’s commitment to innovative solutions for waste management and energy recovery led to the development of Vexor Engineered Fuel® (VEF). This alternative fuel source is manufactured from various non-hazardous industrial and commercial materials that hold no value and have historically been disposed of in landfills.

Our Vision

Vexor is committed to being recognized as the premier provider of fuels engineered for the thermal substitution of fossil fuels, together with complementary environmental solutions. Vexor will utilize innovative applications of leading technologies, apply best management practices to operate safely and in compliance, and set the industry standard for customer service and associate satisfaction.

Our Running Facts


Capacity to divert annually from landfill


NOx & SOx reduction when using VEF


Fossil Fuel Energy Reduction when replacing coal with VEF at 1 ton/hour